Legacy Application Migration

We take utmost care to ensure that the migration to new technologies happens smoothly without disrupting your operations.

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Our Expertise

  • Consultation services in choosing the best platform for migration
  • Domain expertise in migrating to newer platforms like Azure, MySQL, and more
  • Ability to mitigate risks through careful pre-planning
  • In house framework to perform migration
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Our Strengths & Services Offered

  • Conversion from Oracle to MySQL
  • Upgrade legacy Java applications to the latest technology and take advantage of exposing them as REST Endpoints
  • Application migration and porting
  • Cloud migration

How Kovan Labs Works for You

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  • Assessment of you existing infrastructure
  • Identify the possible gaps and issues that might creep up during migration
  • Estimation of effort to perform the migration
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Database and Application Migration

  • Build the framework for migration
  • Database migration followed by application
  • Migration testing
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  • More testing of the entire application
  • Monitor the performance of the application
  • Final certification of system

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